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TV/FILM Industry Opinions ON Benjamin Ligeri

"The Future of Comedy!"

J. Stephen Maunder, writer/director/produer
of over a dozen feature films 
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Yahoo/Google ***forced me to put this type of information up {the "additional reading" section} in order to be listed on certain terms/bids, because they say, without it, i'm not providing information suitable to the comedy terms i've selected -- that meets the content requirements of the terms in question --

***All of my terms were initially denied by Yahoo, they used "madtv" as an example to show me my insufficient content in relation to MADtv (and the other sponsored bidders bidding on the term), below is a print screen of those other more "suitable" bidders that they allow to bid on the term "MADtv" -- you'll notice an airline company advertising flights to Madrid. I thought that might not work in my case, plus I don't have any planes, or affiliations with people with planes, so i went with second best, more information about comedy and comedy shows!!

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Dear Lorne Michaels, et al:

       Phew! Finally, I get to the letter. Orite, let me start with the "et al" part: meaning,  also any "others" who hire/contract writers for national comedy TV shows.  And, for that matter, all you comedy fans out there - you're the reason I'm writing this letter right now.  Okay, I know you're all busy, so, without further ceremonious ado, I hereby proceed...

        How 'bout a little history/bio first? If so, stay tuned, if not, skip to the next INDENTED paragraph: 

My name is Benjamin Ligeri, and as soon as I could see, I saw the world in a different shade than everyone else. (it was really an undefined shade, too - closest to a dark, dark maroon-ish, but that’s all guesswork).

As a kid, I was the “only” in everything. The only 4th grader who preferred seaweed to Gushers, the only kindergartener to see how prosaic the B-I-N-G-O song was -- that everyone else seemed to enjoy, and the only kid to get kicked out of his Catholic elementary school (twice, too, and maybe they didn’t realize I made rosary beeds in my spare time as an unpaid member of the Holy Legion of Mary – but that’s neither here nor there, that’s in the past). The question is WHY??Because I saw the world in a different shade.. Sister Ruth saw Phonics as second only to God, I saw Sister Ruth as second only to phonics. Essentially, I was peerless, that’s what I’m driving at here, if it’s not obvious. And since nobody understood my language, I realized I was gonna have to learn to translate into theirs.. and fast. But what I discovered on this self-sacrificial and self-abnegational (yes, both terms were necessary) journey was that, before you can translate, you have to know the anthropormorphics and mother tongue of the other—species—in this case, a species who went about masquerading themselves under the title:  “humans”.


Long story short, my life was a joke (but an important joke) and because I wanted it to be. Sure, I was tempted to bow to the whims of Sister Ruth, she’d be happy and stop hitting me, but then we wouldn’t be having this conversation, now would we? No.  


       Orite now, let’s bring it home with this, and let’s start talking Turkey, with a little English mixed in, too. My translation attempts, well, they became amusing, and after a decade plus of effecting to induce laughter (see synonyms at humor) in friends, family, classmates, co-workers, and other casual humans, and after hearing “you should write for Saturday Night Live!!!" over a thousand times, it hit me. Maybe I should. Last year, I sat down and, in about six months time, learned to translate my “comedy language” into (among other outlets) TV sketch writing. In that time, I also wrote about 50 finished sketches, all original characters and themes, including about a dozen recurring scenarios (see Sketch Syllabus). And I was just getting warmed up. And I had everyone read these sketches and, bottom line, just reading them (without the comedians to act them out), they laughed their feathery little petutes off (no, "feathery little petutes" isn’t a link, I wish).


So, with the prodding of these petute holders, I decided to try marketing these sketches.. that was the first reality check. I sent letters to TV shows (‘SNL’, ‘NBC’ c/o Lorne Michaels and Tina Fey), Comedy Central, etc..), NO responses. And I understand, you all probably get thousands of letters.. and I saw ‘SNL’s policy on not sending original material, so I sent a “logline” of the 50 sketches with a letter instead. I figure my letter never got into the right hands or maybe the lack of having a sketch to read was part of the problem, so I started this “smoke signals” website and wrote a SPEC sketch of the old (and my favorite) ‘Bill Brasky’ series (“Bill Brasky.. in a Gay Bar”) to shortcut even the most zealous Intellectual Property savants. Since the days of writing “the big fifty” (sketches), ideas have been flowing in (and catalogued by moi) for the next 200 hundred greatest sketches of our time. When the ideas were really discharging out, I had to bring a tape recorder into the bathroom with me, just in case I got a few at a time – and THAT was to go number ONE.. anything more involved, I’d bring a stenographer in. And I thought, "At this rate, I could practically fill the slate of an entire ‘SNL’ length show" each week – anyone not interested in that (even if only partially {i.e., one hilarious sketch a week}) has got to be insane.


And I don’t think the “primary satirical voice” is insane, I just think he’s primarily unacquainted with me (and my defiance of Sister Ruth, which I’ve only shared a taster of). And I look forward to getting acquainted with you (and/or any of you other "et al’s" out there) and providing you with as many sketches as you can handle. I plan to reach the world with my material someday soon, we might as well get to know each other in the incubation stage.




Benjamin Ligeri


Listen to Above Letter 






You’ll see a tab above for the SPEC sketch
Bill Brasky.. in a Gay Bar” (built on the framework of the 'SNL' recurring series "Bill Brasky...)


I was going to leave it at that, because I don’t want to reveal all the surprises that’ll eventually be on national TV, and because I wanted to ensure worry-free Intellectual 

Property Law access (to those concerned) – HOWEVER, I feel it’s only right to give a little more. So, to the rest of you, I’ve added a button above to four of my own original skeches. Two very simple and sweet Product Parody sketches and two easy-going Character/Theme sketches, nothing fancy.


Product Parody sketches: “SIM Atrocity”, and
The Personal Diet Buddy".

Character Theme sketches:  "Trooper Johnson", and "The Laid-Off Stockbroker". 


You can also listen to a full audio recording for "Bill Brasky.. in a Gay Bar" and "The Laid-Off Stockbroker". For "Sim Atrocity", "The Personal Diet Buddy", and "Trooper Johnson", you can listen to the dialogue-only and read along with the sketch to see what's happening.


**keep in mind, these audio recordings are quick demo's made using a webcam microphone and the cheap "Sound Recorder" that comes with all computers -- and Mr. Ligeri is acting out all of the characters himself, with the exception of "The Laid-Off Stockbroker."


I’ve also created a page called “Sketch Excerpts” where I took the liberty of showcasing a description and excerpt from about 20 sketches of my sketches, just to give you all a little additional feel. And I’ve even added a little audio on a few of these as well, to give you a taste of the nuances of some of the characters. For one of these, in particular, "The Wesley Johnson Show", you can watch a video clip from two "webcam shows" of Wesley's.


Now, to all you comedy fans now, we need your opinions, we value your opinions, so please... take a look at the sketches as well. On the pages of each sketch, you’ll find a link to the blog where you can leave comments.. And I’m not trying to “use” you all as pawns. Not only will you enjoy the read, but in return for your comments, Mr. Ligeri will allow the heavens to trickle down sweet-scented laurels on all of your faces. And you can take THAT to your nearest savings and loan institute.


Thank you again.


And I greatly appreciate your time and support OF comedy.


Benjamin Ligeri.



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About 200 people have simply read
and loved Mr. Ligeri's sketches; which means that there's 
currently 2,950,000+ people being deprived of that loving feeling, in the U.S. alone.

Here's a few of those genuine fan comments:
See more on the blog:

"I must say, it's funnier than 99% of what's been on SNL in the last 20 years."
Bill Brasky in a Gay Bar'

"Absolutely the best sketch EVER! Dark humor and I love it!!!!!!! Good JOB!!!!!!!!!!"
~ '
Cancer On Demand'

"Redd Foxx is smiling somewhere."
~ 'The Analwarts' Family'

"i think it's really funny. its a great example of how a sketch can be really short and focus on one simple but great joke, as opposed to hokey dialogue. i like it. ...
do you write for a specific sketch comedy group? will this ever be performed?"
~ 'Just One Interest'

"This is really funny."
~ SIM Atrocity

"That was laugh out loud hilarious."
~ 'The Personal Diet Buddy'

"They're both entertaining. I don't think I could really put one above the other. I like the Karl Rove Android."
~ 'The Real Bush' (Epis. 1 & 2)

"I love the way they speak in this sketch."
~ 'Praire House Problems'

"The Real Bush should be a weekly recurring episode on SNL, it should be on every single week!! Why isn't it?!"
~ 'The Real Bush' (Ep#1 & 2)

"The skit is hilarious.."
~ 'The Broker's Club'

"It's not clear to me who is being made fun of."
~ 'The Personal Diet Buddy'

"THAT was a masterpiece."
~ SIM Atrocity

"hahaha, love it!"
"This one is funny."
I share Bush's sentiment."
~ 'Bush On Racial Equality'

"The Levitra Sketch is great."
~ 'Whistleblower From Levitra'

"It's so rude I can't stop laughing. 
I don't know what to make of it."

~ 'The Analwarts Fam.' (Ep#2)

"As a dry caucasian who laughed his flaky scalp off, I feel I must congratulate you on your sketch. So then, congratulations!"
~ 'Just One Interest'

"Wow. Just, wow.
I don't know if there is something I'm missing that would make this sketch more relevant, so I'm going to go with the absurdist interpretation. This is damned funny. I don't know why it's so funny or if you're allowed to make jokes like this anymore, but it tickles my fancy."

~ 'Just One Interest'

"Good, good, really reminds me of the old Monty Python skit, "The Gits." It works pretty well because you don't just repeat the same tired vulgar and gross words, but come up with excellent combinations with a lot of description, which really keeps the audience involved, because they'll be listening for what's coming next."
~ 'The Analwarts Fam.' (Ep. 1)



Contact Benjamin Ligeri

by PHONE: (401) 952-6661,
or by clicking